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Archeology for the Soul...













That name really means something to me. When deciding upon a name for my business, this was my first and only choice. I love it so much because it perfectly embodies my philosophy.


When you think about the field of archeology, images of people laden with maps and tools going on a journey to a far away land to excavate treasures probably come to mind.


It's that very image that serves as the inspiration for Archeology for the Soul.


Deciding to explore the furthest reaches of your soul is the ultimate expedition. There is no place more sacred, more wonderful, or more vast than our own soul. Within our souls lie our aspirations, our passions, our patterns...the blueprint of who we were, who we are, and of whom we have the potential to become.


While it truly is the most important and fulfilling journey, it can be daunting at times and it helps to have a guide along the way who can give you tools and maps to help you navigate this new terrain. As your guide I'm here to help you understand what you uncover and show you how to discern trash from treasure. Soul archeology isn't about changing into an entirely different person. It's about unearthing what is already there within you and embracing those priceless treasures.


Archeology for the Soul is about:

 -heading the call to go on the most important sacred quest

 -having the courage to see what is really there

 -honoring those who have helped you become who you are

 -daring to remove the layers and pattens that no longer serve your sacred purpose


then...from that pure place

 -fearlessly liberating your true self


This perfect and divine energy has always been within you. Paitiently waiting for you to answer its call. It is time.



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