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What is an archetype and why should I care??



       "Archetypes are the architects of our lives. They are the energy companions through whom we can learn to understand ourselves. These

       psychological, emotional patterns- how we live and whom we love- can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose. Their energy

      can connect us to our higher Sacred Contract- to our greater mission on the planet."

      -Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts


Last year I was asked to speak  at a women's conference about archetypes and the work that I do. I was wracking my brain for a clever little title for my speech. I really wanted it to sound so fascinating and important. To me, this work really is fascinating and important. The funny thing is, in truth,  all I really wanted my audience to learn was what the heck an archetype is and why it is so important. So many times people have approached me at expos or events where I was offering archetype readings with such quizzical looks on their faces regarding the subject of archetypes.


So, what is an archetype and why should I care?


Archetypes are our emotional DNA. They are our behavioral patterns, our psychological motivators, our energetic companions, the guardians of the wisdom of our soul.While archetypes may seem like a peculiar or unfamiliar subject, the truth is, we see them in action every single day of our lives.


Think of the images that come to mind when I say:

-damsel in distress







These are all archetypes. There are thousands and thousands of them. Everyone has 12 personal archetypes that are with them their entire life and there are countless others that come in and out of our lives when we need them. Learning which archetypes are at work in your life is fundamental to understanding who you are as a spirit.


The magic begins when we learn to "speak the language of archetypes". This language will help you to understand:

-why you are attracted to certain people and things

-why you keep creating the same destructive patterns

-how you fit in with your family

-what your highest potential is

-what your greatest challenges are

-how others see you

-what your life's purpose is

and SO much more!


If you're ready to discover the answers to these questions and want to learn the language of archetypes, I invite you to contact me so we can discover what your 12 personal archetypes are in your Archetypal Chart of Origin.


Congratulations if you've read all of this and are still here! Lol! If this information has stirred something inside you, there's a good chance that archetypes are your native language. They are my native language. I have found that those of us drawn to the world of archetypes share a kinship with one another. Believe me when I say that the world, no-the Universe, will open up to you when you embrace this. You will see people and your relationships to them in a whole new light. Problems that have vexed you for your whole life will finally be able to be healed. Passions you've tried to squelch will be rekindled. You will be silent and small no longer.


And that is why you should care about the power of archetypes.


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