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Why I do what I do 


Seven years ago on the eve of a milestone birthday, I came across an add in my local holistic news magazine that changed the course of my life. The advertisement was for the Intuitive Healing program at the Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing* . While I don't remember the exact wording, I do vividly remember the feelings that I felt as I read through the program description. A flood of energy and love and excitement rushed through me. It was like I had just jumped into an ocean of "YES"!


I called the school the next day and the wheels were set in motion.


The Intuitive Healing program was an intensive year long course of study divided into two parts. The first half of the year was focused on what has become my greatest passion...Archetypes.


Through vigorous self examination, class discussion, and much loving guidance, I learned how important and enlightening working with archetypes really is. I was able to break free from self-destructive patterns that had plagued me my entire life. Once I had learned what my sacred contract was, my vibration shifted and abusive relationships, disrepecting my body, and self sabotage were no longer an option. I started to take personal responsibility for my life and see that I was always the creative force of my life and I alway will be.


The second half of the program was focused on using our new information and intuitive wisdom to help others. We were taught to look beyond the five senses and truly "see" what is at the heart of healing. What I loved most about my instructors (Katye and Allan Clark) was that they constantly encouraged us to use our own wisdom and develop our own style of healing based on our own stengths and passions.


It was because of their support that I felt confident to create my own healing modality firmly rooted in my belief of sacred contracts and the archetypes. I have developed my own style of "archetypal life coaching" fusing traditional life coaching methods with sacred archetypal information. This work is deeply personal, exciing, and geared towards helping you achieve a soul-filled life.


Because I love this work so much, I am constantly learning new healing modalities to incorporate into my practice. Through the PSSH I completed a course on advanced soul work called "The Michael Teachings" which expanded my view about our soul's purpose and I incorporate this knowledge into my sessions.  Recently, I completed a "Soulful Living" course and am currently enrolled in a "Mind Mastery" course. With each class I take I expand my consciousness and awareness and I weave this new information into my practice.


Besides the study of archetypes, another deep passion of mine is the path of the Sacred Feminine. It is one of my life tasks to promote and honor the Goddess within all of us. Currently I am training to become a "Red Tent"  facilitator. When my course of study is complete I will host Goddess gatherings where women can learn the ancient mysteries in a safe and loving environment. This is beyond exciting!!


With each reading, chart, and program that I have offered, my passion for this work deepens. I feel truly blessed and honored by the trust that clients have placed in me. Healing is seldom easy or pretty. I am in perpetual awe of those who have opened themselves up and entrusted me to do this sacred work with them.


If any of this information from my website resonated with you or if you intuitively feel that spark. I invite you to come and join me in the "ocean of YES!!"













(*Please note: since the passing of Allan Clark, 

the co-founder of the school, the PA School of Spiritual Healing

has transformed and is no longer known by that name.

Our community is still vibrant and I continue to learn and

take classes from Katye, my mentor and co-founder of the school.

She continues to teach, inspire, and mentor. If you are

interested in learning more about the transformational

work that she does, I invite you to contact her and explore

her website. )

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