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"Helena is a highly skilled intuitive healer and a true gift to our world. I feel so blessed that I have been able to work with her on discovering my own 12 personal archetypes. Discovering the blueprint of who I am at such a profoundly deep level has been a major catalyst for healing, growth, and transformation in my own life. I have discovered the light and shadow aspects and how I relate to myself, others, and the world as a whole.

My opinion is that Archeology for the Soul goes much deeper than any other healing modality or conventional therapy that I have ever tried. I have gotten to the core of who I am.

I highly recommend working with Helena if you want to have a deeper understanding of who you are, if you're ready to experience immense growth and find your potential, or if you are ready for a deeper form of healing at your core level."


-Christina P.

Alameda, CA


 "Having my Archetypal Chart done was a great experience! It gave me

the chance to learn what my archetypes are and enabled me to better

understand my life's mission. Becoming more aware of the influence that

the archetypes play in my life has helped me to overcome some of my

old limitations and fears. I would highly recommend this to others."


-Lisa T.

Fremont, CA




"I met Helena through co-workers and was immediately drawn to the love coming out of her. It was so geniune and open. I was so blessed to be able to receive a multi-faceted reading from her. She walked me through an awesome meditation which I now know, that she knew, would get me into the frame of mind required that I needed to be in for me to receive the information for my highest good.

May I say "awestruck", "stunned" and "grateful" are just a few words that describe my life altering experience  while with Helena. I must say I have never received such glorious information from anyone else I have ever sought counsel with before. Her information was clear and spot on with EVERYTHING !

Her intuitive connections are to say the least exhilarating. I still to this day feel grounded and uplifted from my session with Helena.

She is a true and loving seer! I will seek her counsel again. I have also recommended her services and products to friends and family and will continue to do so! In loving gratitude!"


-Audra B.

Robesonia, PA



"I have worked with Helena for almost a year now. I did not feel comfortable

participating in traditional therapy because I didn't feel that it got to the root

of my problems and that I was powerless to anxiety, depression, and mood 

swings. By grasping the different aspects of who I am through the archetypes,

it is easy for me to feel empowered and know that I have choices to take

responsibility for my feelings and my gifts. I recommend her to anyone who

wants to feel heard and is sick of living an unfulfilling life. I am forever grateful

and forever changed. "


-Caitlin W.

West Reading, PA 









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